About Us

Domestic Appliance Repair Centre opened in 1968. 

We have been repairing domestic appliances since 1968, our core business ethics is to look after our Clients, and we do this by understanding our customers needs, once we have established what our customer needs are, we than go to meet their needs, in our case carrying-out repairs to their household appliances.


Domestic Appliance Repair Centre:

offers a very wide range of repairs to all your household appliances, such as repairs to your:                                                                                                                        

                              Washing Machine:Fridge Freezer: Tumble Dryer: Condenser Dryer: Dishwasher: Electric Cooker: Electric Oven. We also supply parts to any and every make model of appliances, we will advise and assist you with understanding the problems you are encountering with your product.

Domestic Appliance Repair Centre

   we offer a comprehensive repair service, whereby we will take on the repair and we aim to have your product repaired on site, if we are unable to repair on-site we will take it to our workshop , we will continually keep you updated as to the progress of your repair, once the repair is completed we will test and commission your appliance and when we are happy and ultimately you are, we will finish that job.

Domestic Appliance Repair Centre 

What we charge:

Our charges are very nominal,and are dictated by the rising fuel cost and maintenance of our vehicles, hence we only charge if we have to go beyond our 1.5radius.

We do not charge for call out, as long as your within our 1.5 radius, otherwise their is a £15 call-out fee over 1.5 mile but within 3 mile radius, than if its more than 3 miles you will have to pay £25, this is to cover our running cost.

Once we attend your home, we will repair your appliance, we will tell you the cause, and what it will cost to repair, once you have agreed, we will repair your appliance, repairs are always guaranteed.            


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